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Over Peak Industrial Co., Ltd. has been in the business of dirt bike manufacturing for almost 10 years since 1997.  For these 10 years, Over Peak has been devoting itself in developing and designing better dirt bikes for clients.  And Indeed the clients are quite satisfied with the quality of Starforce dirt bikes.  Over Peak currently has very strong export markets in Asia (Vietnam), Middle East and Africa during 1997-2004, exporting approximately 200,000 dirt bikes each year and enjoying an annual turnover of over 35 million US dollars.

Below you can see the pictures of each dirk bike that Over Peak manufactures.  Simply click the pictures and you can see the detailed specifications and larger pictures of each dirk bike.  As a professional dirk bike manufacturer, Over Peak is very confident of the quality and design of its dirt bike product, and believe that Over Peak's dirt bikes would filfull all your dirt bike needs!